For all your end-of-life packaging, we can offer you a green solution by recycling them. Your company will be provided a certificate of recycling. We can also provide you with some samples of the new raw material so you have something to show for your efforts! We Help You Grow A Greener Business.


PurePlastics works with certified transportcompanies to be able to assure you that your waste is handled and transported to us in the most ecological and economical way. From your yard to our recycling unit, your waste will be treated with respect for all norms and procedures required by law and more. We Offer Comprehensive Recycling Services


All plastics that are recycled into new raw materials greatly reduce the need for 'new' plastic production and greatly diminishes the pollution of plastics to our planet. We aim to reduce waste and avoid pollution.


The Company

Pureplastics SRL  production plant is located at AUVELAIS (Belgium), on the industrial site of the former Glass production company Saint-Gobain. We are I relatively young company with more than 20 years of inhouse knowledge and experience in the plastic recycling business. We try to offer our best possible services and support to our customers and partners in finding solution for plastic waste.


PurePlastics SRL  is specialised in the recycling of industrial plastics, end-of-life packaging’s and plastic production waste. In our production plant we convert these materials into a new raw material in the form of washed regrind or granules. We handle HDPE – PP – ABS.
Whit our class 1 and 2 exploitations permit we can handle a large range of materials including end-of-life packaging’s which are classified as dangerous goods.

Production plant

Production hall/warehouse : 4500m² with offices 300m².
Shredder installation : 250KW Capacity 2Ton/hour.
Washing line with crusher, spinner-dryer and Big-Bag filling station : Capacity up to 1500kg/hour.
Extruder with Big-Bag filling station : Capacity up to 600Kg/Hour

PurePlastics is Belgian recycling factory for all your end-of-life packaging, such as IBC's, barrels, jerrycans and bottles. We are specialised in the transformation of these plastics to a new raw material. 


PurePlastics offers solutions for all your end-of-life packaging.